Yandi Village Refurbishment

This project was aimed at enhancing the living conditions of FIFO workers at two adjacent villages contained within Yandicoogina Village. Byblos Constructions successfully upgraded both the newer village and the Operations Village. The project—involving comprehensive upgrades to 269 rooms—has revitalised accommodations and utility spaces to better support mining activities and improve residents’ quality of life.

The refurbishment covered extensive internal and external work, including demolition, structural improvements, painting, cabinetry, and the installation of new vinyl flooring, alongside updates to plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems. All materials were newly supplied, except for specific items provided by the company, with a detailed condition assessment guiding the refurbishment efforts.

Key to the project’s success was the meticulous planning and execution of works, ensuring minimal disruption to village residents. This included a thorough site establishment process, regular transportation for workers, and obtaining all necessary permits. A 12-month defects liability period and comprehensive warranties were provided, underscoring the quality and durability of the refurbishment.

Safety and environmental considerations were paramount, with measures for dust control, site cleanliness, and the remediation of mould-affected areas being implemented. Contractors also ensured that the final room setups were completed to a high standard, with all rooms ready for immediate use upon project completion.

The project’s emphasis on minimal impact to daily life, combined with strict adherence to noise restrictions and careful coordination with Village Operations, exemplified the commitment to maintaining a high standard of living for the residents throughout the refurbishment process.

Through strategic planning, skilled craftsmanship, and a focus on safety and resident well-being, the Yandicoogina Village Refurbishment project has significantly improved the living environment for its residents—contributing to the ongoing success of the region’s mining operations.