Shire of Tom Price Bike Park Upgrade

In 2021, we were contracted by the Shire of Ashburton to design and construct an upgrade for the Shire Bike Park. This project included a broad range of enhancements aimed at creating a more engaging and user-friendly environment for local BMX enthusiasts and children learning to ride. The scope of the upgrade included the construction of a new pump track facility, a learn-to-ride track, and an extension of the dog park facilities.

To complement these new features, the project also involved significant upgrades to the existing landscape and the addition of new landscaping elements. These improvements were designed to create a more aesthetically pleasing and functional space for users. 

Additionally, the installation of shade structures was prioritised to ensure the comfort of park-goers, alongside electrical upgrades that included floodlighting to extend the usability of the park into the evening. The project also addressed the practical needs of the park by enhancing water feeds, drainage systems, and seating options for visitors.

The completion of this project has significantly enhanced the social facilities available to the community, providing a well-equipped and safe enclosed space for BMX enthusiasts and children learning to ride. The upgraded Shire Bike Park now serves as a vibrant community hub, encouraging active lifestyles and offering a dedicated space for recreational activities.