Pilbara Minerals – Pilgangoora Mine Site, Marble Bar WA

This project involves the construction and installation of a comprehensive facility comprising various amenities and infrastructure to cater to the operational needs of the site. The facility includes offices, a crib room, ablution facilities, locker rooms, building verandas, BBQ area, services infrastructure, wastewater disposal system, water treatment system, light vehicle parking, personnel bus drop-off location, muster point, concrete footpaths, and storage containers.

Key responsibilities of the contractor encompass designing the layout and installation of the facility, operational traffic management, placement of Principal-supplied goods, and ensuring compliance with relevant standards and regulations. This includes designing and installing walkways, patio areas, cyclone-rated shelters, footings, lighting, lightning protection, and in-ground services.

Additionally, the contractor is responsible for the design, installation, and commissioning of essential systems such as reticulate power, potable water, and wastewater disposal, tailored to accommodate up to one hundred persons. This involves meticulous engineering and adherence to safety protocols to guarantee optimal functionality and regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, the contractor must oversee the relocation of Principal-supplied containers and buildings, ensuring careful transportation, unloading, storage, and maintenance on-site. Quality management documentation is essential to record all completed works, with any uncertainties requiring clarification from the Principal.

In conclusion, this project demands meticulous planning, precise execution, and adherence to rigorous standards to deliver a fully functional facility that meets the operational needs of the site while prioritizing safety, quality, and regulatory compliance.