Hope Down 1 Central Facilities Refurbishment Project

Byblos Constructions completed the Hope Downs 1 refurbishment project, significantly improving the site’s operational and dining facilities. This project involved constructing new dining and crib room extensions, adding footpaths and landscaping, and installing new cool room structures. We also refurbished the kitchen, back-of-house areas, servery, dining room, and crib wash entry according to the project plans. This work included replacing kitchen equipment to modernise the facilities.

Our team managed all electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical upgrades, integrating new systems with the existing infrastructure and ensuring all new equipment met operational standards for efficiency and safety.

Handling and storing existing kitchen, crib, and dining room equipment required careful planning. We relocated cold storage and dry storage containers with minimal disruption, following the specifications of the kitchen staff.

The project demanded close coordination with local authorities and strict adherence to safety and environmental standards. We obtained all necessary permits and certifications, and a qualified building surveyor inspected and certified the works before handover.

Working with Sodexo and following the RAPID Global Contractor Management system ensured compliance with Sodexo and RTIO requirements. Our engagement with Sodexo’s suppliers ensured the kitchen equipment was installed and commissioned correctly, meeting all warranty and operational standards.

The Hope Downs 1 project reflects Byblos Constructions commitment to delivering high-quality infrastructure projects, demonstrating our capabilities in project management and safety.