Bina Bina Office Expansion

Byblos Constructions completed the Bina Bina Office expansion project while adhering to RTIO standards, Electrical Licensing Regulations 1991, and AS 3000-ELR 1991. The work ranged from installing a temporary 30 kVa generator for the communications rack, moving a 12m x 6m hire facility from Bina Bina to JSE, to demolishing old buildings and replacing a leach drain with a 5600L Biomax system.

Site work involved earthworks, trenching, and laying foundations for new buildings. We managed the logistics for transporting building modules to the site.

We added several new buildings, including an ice-room, a UAT and unisex toilet, two cleaners’ buildings, a 16-module open plan office, a three-module locker building, and a four-module crib building. The existing crib was turned into a training room, integrating it with the current infrastructure. Testing and commissioning the new facilities were crucial, as was installing breezeways, awnings, and paths, plus creating a new car park.

Underground services work included maintaining a generator, installing a new circuit breaker, and extensive trenching for electrical connections. We updated communication services with new conduit and fibre connections and upgraded potable water and sewer systems. We also connected to an existing water treatment unit and installed a new sewer system.

The Bina Bina Office Expansion project demonstrates Byblos Constructions capacity to efficiently carry out complex infrastructure projects, ensuring client satisfaction and compliance with strict standards.