Paraburdoo Cenotaph Redevelopment

The Paraburdoo Cenotaph Redevelopment project included a mix of landscaping, civil engineering, and the setup of various commemorative installations. The work covered a broad spectrum of landscaping and irrigation tasks.

We carried out earthworks, cleared land, improved soil, and planted Pilbara ghost gum trees with appropriate supports. Weed barriers and stone mulch were laid around new features, and we updated garden beds near the memorial wall to blend with existing vegetation. Turf installation was done carefully to match existing grass, with replacements made only as needed.

A key part of the project was revising the irrigation plan to keep the existing greenery watered without disrupting service lines, ensuring all modifications were approved by the project’s principal.

For the pavements and civil aspect, we removed specific structures, like an unrelated electrical pillar, and prepared the site for new additions. This preparation involved setting up subgrades, bedding sand, base aggregates, and compaction. Concrete footings for steel panels, signs, and sculptures were poured as planned, with the actual items to be added later. We also built a new concrete path and forecourt, integrating them with existing walkways.

The final step was installing equine sculptures, signage, and commemorative panels, significantly improving the site’s look and historical importance.

By completing this project, Byblos Group has shown its capability to manage detailed redevelopment works, paying close attention to both aesthetic and functional requirements. This redevelopment not only refreshed the space but also honoured its historical value effectively.