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In Byblos Constructions, we have a strong belief in teamwork. Our team includes John Kearney, Tracy Oliver, Jarrod Turkington, Brett Harrap, Luke Capaan, and Robert Mangan. Our approach embodies a unified approach, ensuring excellence across our projects.

Jarrod’s dedication to a zero-harm workplace sets a foundational ethos, guiding our operations towards safety and sustainability. Brett builds on this with his extensive experience in safety and quality management. This operationalises Jarrod’s vision by implementing comprehensive safety programmes that foster a proactive safety culture. Robert’s role in project execution brings these strategies to life, ensuring that the high standards of safety and quality are applied in practice, enhancing project delivery.

Our team’s collaboration represents a perfect blend of strategic vision, operational excellence, and hands-on management. This collective effort not only aims to meet but exceed client expectations, underpinning our projects with a commitment to safety, quality, and environmental care. By integrating these diverse disciplines, our team ensures that from the outset to the completion of each project, we achieve a synergy that drives success, reinforces our industry reputation, and contributes positively to the communities we serve.

Finance Manager

Tracy Oliver

Tracy’s role goes beyond the confines of the finance department; she actively engages with cross-functional teams, providing financial insights that contribute to the overall success of construction projects. Her collaborative approach ensures that financial considerations are integrated into decision-making processes at every stage of a project’s lifecycle.

Furthermore, Tracy plays a vital role in risk mitigation and compliance, navigating the complexities of financial regulations and industry standards. Her diligence in ensuring that Byblos Constructions operates within the bounds of financial regulations safeguards the company’s reputation and maintains the trust of stakeholders.

In summary, Tracy Oliver stands as a cornerstone of financial leadership at Byblos Constructions. Her combination of technical expertise, leadership skills, and commitment to excellence makes her an invaluable asset in steering the financial success of the company.

Senior Project Manager

Jarrod Turkington

Jarrod has been a cornerstone of Byblos’s success story, bringing over 14 years of dedicated service to the company. Jarrod started as a carpenter in Paraburdoo in 2010 and rapidly advanced through leadership roles. His progression from Leading Hand to Construction Supervisor, and later to Operations Manager for Paraburdoo and Tom Price, highlights his project management skills and adaptability in both residential and FIFO settings.

In 2020, Jarrod transitioned to the Perth office as a Project Manager, contributing significantly to Pilbara operations and the construction of two large commercial warehouses and office buildings. His leadership in developing the Byblos Projects Division in 2022/23 marked a pivotal point in his career, now serving as the Senior Project Manager overseeing this division.

Holding carpentry and project management certifications, Jarrod Turkington stands out for his skill in managing high-quality mining projects. His problem-solving, decision-making, and communication abilities, combined with a commitment to budget and safety, play a crucial role in Byblos’s growth. Jarrod’s broad experience covers all construction aspects, from groundwork to collaboration with architects and engineers, showcasing his commitment to detail and project excellence.

HSEQ Manager

Brett Harrap

Brett is a seasoned HSEQ Manager and safety practitioner with 14 years of construction and mining industry experience. With a robust background in developing and implementing comprehensive safety programs, Brett has successfully led teams to achieve high levels of compliance whilst fostering positive and proactive safety cultures.

His background in WHS, Project Management, Business and HR facilitate an in-depth knowledge of industry-specific regulations, business development, risk management and continuous improvement, amongst others.

Brett is committed to meeting and exceeding WHS standards, ensuring the well-being of personnel and the overall success of the organisation. He is also passionate about the training and education of work teams, and as a qualified trainer assessor, is responsible for developing and delivering high quality training programs to bring the best out of work teams.

Brett’s experience across the industry has brought him great respect and an exceptional ability to manage client relationships at all levels, align HSEQ, and deliver successful outcomes for projects.

Operations manager

Luke Capaan

Luke is our Operations Manager, who brings over two decades of extensive experience in the building industry, with a significant focus on projects in the Pilbara region where he resides. With a trade background in carpentry and managerial qualifications, Luke’s expertise is deeply rooted in both trade experience and management proficiency.

Throughout his career, Luke has demonstrated a keen eye for detail and a steadfast commitment to quality, safety, and client satisfaction. His comprehensive skill set encompasses various construction areas, including industrial, commercial, residential, civil works, and mining infrastructure. Luke’s proficiency extends to scoping and quoting works, material and resource procurement, contractor management, risk assessment, and stakeholder engagement.

As an integral part of our team, Luke has successfully managed numerous projects, ranging from large-scale industrial constructions to plumbing works and road works. His meticulous approach to resource allocation and risk management ensures projects are executed efficiently and meet the highest standards.

With Luke at the helm, our team is driven towards outstanding results, with a focus on delivering exceptional quality, safety, and client satisfaction in every project we undertake.

Pilbara Operations Manager

Robert Mangan

Robert is the dedicated Pilbara Operations Manager overseeing the Tom Price and Paraburdoo branches at Byblos Constructions. Rob’s journey with Byblos began in January 2021 when he joined as a Construction Supervisor. With a background deeply rooted in carpentry and a wealth of experience in residential and major civil constructions, Rob has become an invaluable leader within our organisation.

Originally from Ireland, Rob made the leap to Australia in 2008, bringing with him a passion for construction and a commitment to excellence. His journey at Byblos began as a Construction Supervisor, where his skills as a qualified carpenter by trade shone through. Rob’s hands-on approach and keen attention to detail quickly set him apart, contributing to the success of numerous projects.

In recognition of his outstanding leadership and proven track record, Rob assumed the role of Pilbara Operations Manager, overseeing operations in both Tom Price and Paraburdoo branches. His comprehensive understanding of construction dynamics, coupled with his ability to navigate both residential and major civil projects, has played a pivotal role in driving the success of Byblos Constructions in the Pilbara region.

Rob’s commitment extends beyond project management; he is deeply invested in fostering a collaborative and safety-conscious work culture. His leadership style promotes teamwork, continuous improvement, and a dedication to delivering projects that exceed client expectations.

With Robert Mangan at the helm of Pilbara Operations, Byblos Constructions continues to thrive, delivering excellence in construction and contributing to the growth and development of the communities in Tom Price and Paraburdoo. As a leader with a rich history and a passion for the industry, Rob embodies the values and commitment that define Byblos Constructions.

Regional Manager

Shane King

Shane is the Regional Manager at Byblos Constructions, Shane King brings over two decades of construction expertise to the Pilbara region. With a solid foundation in building, plumbing, and management, Shane’s career trajectory showcases his dedication and proficiency in various aspects of the industry.

Starting his journey in 1998, Shane began as a trade-certified plumber and gasfitter, gradually assuming leadership roles. His extensive experience led him to positions such as Operations Manager for the Paraburdoo and Tom Price branches, where he oversaw operations, safety protocols, scheduling, finances, and team management.

Shane’s commitment to excellence extends beyond his professional endeavours. Actively engaged in his community, he serves as the local squash club president, demonstrating his passion for community involvement and leadership.

Additionally, Shane cherishes family time with his three children and grandchild, rooted in the vibrant Pilbara region. His strong leadership, problem-solving skills, and unwavering dedication to quality and community make him an invaluable asset to Byblos Group and the entire region.

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